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Lifts, Cradles & Tie Downs

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Jiffy Stand Coaster 94647-98
Designed for use beneath the jiffy stand, this polypropylene coaster prevents the stand from sinking..
Excl. BTW: €8,22
Fleece Soft Hooks 93100017
These 18" Soft Hooks are designed to keep ratchets, hooks and buckles away from delicate surfaces. T..
Excl. BTW: €18,97
Center Stand XG MODELS 92900014
Lifting your bike upright and off the side stand is ideal for cleaning and servicing, and reduces th..
Excl. BTW: €214,83
Min. height: 9 cm Max. height: 40 cm Max. weight:500 kg Platform: 36 x 60 cm ..
Excl. BTW: €164,46