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Soft asphalt, tight quarters, and inattentive car parkers are everyday threats to a motorcycle in the urban jungle. Stationary and low-speed tip-over incidents can cause significant damage to the bike’s painted parts, hand and foot controls, and the exhaust system. Now, you can provide cosmetic protection to some of the most costly components in the event of a vehicle drop, and safeguard your bike with this collection of cosmetic vehicle guards.
Designed to protect the cosmetics of the rear fender, rear turn signals, and shocks
Gloss black rails bolt to the rear fender struts
Offers a protective landing point during a right- or left-hand tip-over
Shape provides a convenient lifting handle to help stand the bike upright after a drop.

Fits ’15-later XG models. Does not fit models equipped with Docking Hardware Kit P/N 52300285 or Detachable Luggage Rack P/N 50300071 and 50300091. Does not fit with Throw-Over Saddlebags P/N 90200906.


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