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Premium Tour-Pak® Hinges – Gloss Black

Styled to complement the Premium Tour-Pak® Hinges, these die-cast latches provide a bold look to your ride. Designed to eliminate the traditional catch and clamp design, these latches make access to the Tour-Pak® luggage easier than ever. Simply press down on the top of the lid to secure the latching mechanism. The self aligning design positions the lid perfectly for no-fuss closure. A simple push of the button releases the lock and pops the lid open for convenience. Latches feature hidden hardware for a clean appearance, and the front latch wraps around the Original Equipment lock for a custom touch. Kit includes front and rear latch and all mounting hardware. Available October 2012.

Fits ’88-later models equipped with Razor-Pak, Chopped or King Tour-Pak® Luggage.

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