Split Vision Fairing Mount Mirrors 92085-10


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See even more of the world that you just passed. This exclusivedesign Split Vision Mirror minimizes blind spots and provides a wide panoramic rear view of the left and right lane, and the road behind you. The mirror features a large primary panel for normal view, and a second outboard convex panel for a wider field of vision. Slightly larger than the standard-view Fairing Mount Mirrors, these split vision mirrors offer the same full range of adjustability. A direct bolt-on replacement for standard-view Fairing Mount Mirrors, the kit also includes the hardware and mounting template required for easy and accurate installation on other models.

Fits ’96-later Electra GlideĀ®, Street GlideĀ® and Trike models (pair). Does not fit with Chrome Fairing Mount Mirror Covers P/N 91924-09, Illuminated Chrome Mirror Covers P/N 92600-10 or Fairing Mount Mirror Covers P/N 92200001.


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