Oil Level and Temperature Dipstick with Lighted LCD Readout Gloss Black.63065-09A


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New and improved “capacitive” level sensing technology provides the highest degree of accuracy and durability. Now available in chrome and black, these dipsticks allow you to check your oil level and oil temperature with the push of a button. Add function and style by replacing your stock dipstick with this hard working version. No more grabbing a rag to pull your hot dipstick. No more oil drips on your pipes and on the garage floor. Simply push the button and this dipstick lights up with a brilliant backlight. Oil level is indicated by a four-segment readout-it even reminds you to check your oil when it is hot. Designed to be waterproof, the LCD (liquid crystal display) readout operates on a long-lasting, replaceable lithium coin-type battery (CR2032 3V). Display features a low battery indicator, and press-and-hold feature to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Fits ’06-later Dyna models (except FLD). Gloss Black.

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