Daymaker™ Black LED Headlamp – 4″ Auxiliary Lamps – Gloss Black 68000173


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Harley-Davidson® LED Lamps are brighter and whiter in color and provide a superior light pattern over standard incandescent lamps. Compared to the yellow light of a traditional halogen bulb, the LED lamp produces a “Daylight Color Impression” that appears more natural to the user. Headlamps feature 2 horizontal “D” shaped lenses that focus light into a pool in front of the motorcycle, and separate high beam and low beam projector lenses that provide a focused beam of light in front. 4″ LED Auxiliary Lamps feature 3 “D” shaped lenses that focus the light, and provide a matching appearance to the LED headlamps. The solid-state LEDs are designed for long life, and the shock-and vibration-resistant lamp assembly mounts into existing light housings. Installation is quick and easy, and the plug-in lamps connect to the factory headlamp wiring. No external ballast or complicated wire harness is required. The LED lamps are DOT approved for use in all 50 states.


LED Headlamp Illustration


4″ Auxiliary Lamps – Gloss Black


Fits models equipped with 4″ round auxiliary forward lighting. ’04-earlier models with spade connectors will need to purchase adapter harness P/N 68355-05 (qty 2). Sold in pairs.

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