Boom Audio Speaker Expansion Kit 76000263


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Add more Boom!™ to your bike. This kit permits the addition of a third and fourth pair of speakers to your Boom! Audioequipped Touring bike. Choose a combination of Boom! Audio Saddlebag Lid Speakers, Fairing Lower Speakers and/ or Rear Speaker Pods (sold separately) to build a sound system custom-designed to your audio demands. System also provides speaker fade capabilities between fairing and non-fairing mounted speakers for highway riding, when it’s needed most. You can upgrade your system all at once or one set of speaker options at a time. Kit includes 100 watt/channel (200 watts total) saddlebag-mounted amplifier, amplifier cover, mounting bracket and the required installation hardware and wiring harness.

FLHXSE2/3, FLTRXSE/2) equipped with Advanced Audio Radio and Boom! Audio Fairing Amplifier P/N 76000070, 76000074, 76000169 or Tour- Pak Amplifier P/N 76000068. Not for use with Custom Touring System P/N 76000209. Dealer Digital Technician software update is required. Dealer installation is recommended.

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