H-D graphene spray coating 236ml 93600169


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Add a new level of protection to your motorcycle’s paint with H-D™ Graphene Spray Coating. Contains a graphene oxide component that provides a high level of durable protection, reduces staining from hard water and prevents water from sticking to the surface. Improves gloss and clarity of painted and coated surfaces and is easy to apply.

  • For international markets
  • Excellent for use on paint, chrome and wheels. Do not use on brakes, tires, denim paint, semi-gloss surfaces or wrinkle paint.
  • On paint creates a hard layer of scratch protection
  • Prevents brake dust from settling on wheels
  • Preserves and protects plastic surfaces
  • Lowers surface temperature to reduce staining from hard water in the clear coat
  • Prevents water from adhering to treated surfaces
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight. Can be applied over existing wax or polish coats
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