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Camshafts are a fundamental ingredient in the performance recipe, because they control the timing and duration of all major engine events. They are the primary means by which you can tune your engine’s horsepower and torque output. Every cam has unique lift and overlap performance characteristics, which means you need to select cams based on exactly the kind of power you’re looking for.

• Provides great low-end torque along with good midrange
• A good all-around cam, the SE-254E is a good match for a light Touring bike – Road King®, Street Glide® or Road Glide® Custom – when the aggressive rider desires a little more top-end horsepower
• In a 0-60 sprint or 1/4 mile drag race, the SE-254E-equipped model would pull ahead of an identical model with an SE-255 cam
• Kit includes front and rear cams
• Splined rear cam is included for exceptional load handling capability
• Gaskets and bearings not included
• Dealer installation is recommended and special tools are required for proper installation
• All EFI models require ECM calibration
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