Heavy Synthetic Gear Oil – For Europe and Latin America 62600093



TESTED-CERTIFIED for use in Harley-Davidson transmission and primary chaincase applications. Exclusively engineered for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, this Heavy Synthetic Gear Oil is intended for use in extreme temperature environments (desert heat or cold weather), frequent two-up riding and heavy load riding applications. This dual viscosity (SAE 80W-140), heavy weight gear & primary oil was developed with proprietary additives and pure synthetic base stock so it flows better at cold start-up then in high temperatures viscosity behaves like a 140 weight oil to provide maximum protection. Formulated to maintain the proper coefficient of friction for clutch operation and provide superior lubrication for the primary chain drive. This Gear Oil was formulated to provide specialized lubricity for the anti-wear requirements of transmission gears across a wider temperature range than mineral based oil. This Heavy Synthetic Gear Oil is approved by Harley-Davidson for use in all stages of transmission and primary chaincase life. This is not for use in the crankcase as a motor oil.

All H-D Transmissions and the following primary chaincase applications: ‘71-later XL, ’83-’84 XR1000, ’08-’13 XR, and ’84-later Big Twin models with wet-type diaphragm spring clutch. Not for use in ’02-’17 VRSC or ’15-later XG models.

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